Kura Kartaga Langa meaning ‘Place of Special Memories’ was the name given to this nature reserve by the Nyoongar people who grew up around Boyup Brook.

Behind the old Railway Buildings, across the footbridge, a short trail leads to a tranquil rock pool, which is the Boyup Brook Billabong. Leading to the west from the path to the Billabong along the banks of the Boyup Brook is the Kura Kartaga Langa walk trail, taking no more than 15 minutes from beginning to end.

At the junction of the two paths is a picnic table where, if you wait for a while and if you are very lucky, may bring sightings of small bird life such as Robin Red Breasts and Blue Wrens. A restful place, with a feeling of peaceful solitude, despite its close proximity to town.

​Before WWII immigrant men who came to Boyup Brook built simple dwellings here before sending for their families. Some were lucky enough to have loved ones arrive before the war stopped travel but others didn’t. These families developed amazingly productive gardens, which they shared generously. Some of these now feral plants can still be found scattered through the area.