Named after the Norwegian barque Mandalay wrecked there, Mandalay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Walpole area.

The drive from Walpole to Mandalay Beach takes around 30 minutes and is accessible with a 2WD. From Walpole, drive about 12km west on the South Western Highway then turn left on to Mandalay Beach Road. Continue along this gravel road for about 8km until you reach the car park.

What to do
The wreck of the Mandalay is usually buried by sand but from time to time parts of the wreck are visible above the waves. You may also be lucky enough to see whales from the lookouts high above the beach. This area is popular with anglers, but even if you don’t fish it’s worth the visit for the spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and Chatham Island that looms out of the ocean 3km offshore.

Wreck of the Mandalay
On 15 May 1911, Captain Tonnessen and all 12 crew of the Mandalay miraculously made it safely ashore after becoming shipwrecked during treacherous winds. At the time, this was an extremely isolated stretch of coast and the men would have
soon perished had it not been for a chance encounter with a local pioneer. A fascinating interpretation display overlooking the beach tells the story of the Mandalay.