Starting from opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre the 3km Mining Heritage Walk loops around the edge of town.

Featuring an old mining tunnel and hand-dug shafts and trenches, the trail explores the rich history of tin mining in the Greenbushes area starting in 1886.

The trails leads past the local courthouse and goal. One can view old mine shafts used from the 1900’s to the 1940’s. Miners used a variety of winch mechanisms and buckets to haul ore from as deep as 10 metres below the surface cap rock. The trail is marked by a triangular badge featuring a miner’s safety hard hat and crossed pick and shovel.

Greenbushes is located 250km south of Perth and is the northern gateway to the Warren Blackwood region. Greenbushes was founded in 1888 with the discovery of tin suitable for mining. Nowadays mining in the town produces tantiline concentrates, lithium minerals, tin metal and kaolin.

The township was named after the bright green bushes that contrast with the grey eucalyptus trees. Greenbushes abounds in natural and pioneering heritage, with many features of interest scattered throughout the forest surrounds of the township. Greenbushes is on the edge of the Darling Scarp, 342.8m above sea level. There are views of the surrounding hills from various high points in town.

From the mine lookout one can see the Talison Minerals Cornwall Pit.