This is the cycling version of the Golden Triangle driving tour. It’s a fun and varied route, but you will encounter cars so is best for experienced road cyclists. It can be ridden in either direction: the elevation graph and description below is for starting in Nannup and riding anti-clockwise.

From Nannup you’ll spend the first 6 km climbing a big hill, gaining 250 metres of elevation. There is no shade but the lack of trees means you’ll get big views. After this the road undulates up and down through forest until about the 20 km mark. You’re on the Brockman Highway – it’s generally not busy but of course be aware of cars.

After you’ve ridden about 30 km from Nannup the road plunges down, with mostly fast and fun riding. You’ll turn off the Brockman Highway onto the quiet and beautiful Maranup-Ford Road. This passes through forest and farmland, with the occasional big view into the distance. Part way along this road, after the river, you’ll spend most of 10 km riding up hill.

When you get to Greenbushes it’s well worth looking at the Greenbushes Mine. It’s the largest lithium mine in the world and an awfully big hole in the ground! The route from Greenbushes to Balingup avoids the busy highway, following very quiet and relatively flat roads.

Balingup to Nannup is a beautiful and fun stretch of road. None of it is flat. It bends and undulates all the way to Nannup. Huge fun!

You will be sharing this road with cars, and there are lots of corners with limited visibility. Please ride single file for your own safety.

Starting in Nannup, this driving tour takes you on mostly quiet roads through some of the prettiest scenery around Nannup. If driven counter- clockwise from Nannup you’ll follow the Brockman Highway east through bushland before turning off to head north towards the small town of Greenbushes.

The road to Greenbushes is quite hilly in places and offers great views over farmland and forests. At Greenbushes it’s worth visiting the Lithium Mine lookout – it’s an impressive hole! See the map for the location of this lookout.

From Greenbushes you’ll drive north to Balingup, another small and charming town. The route follows quiet back-roads. From Balingup you’ll follow the Balingup-Nannup Tourist Drive back to Nannup. This beautiful road snakes along the valley bottom, besides the river, through often steep forest-covered hills. Consider stopping at Wrights Bridge for a swim or picnic – it’s marked on the map. .