Nearly Gnarly is a cross-country delight. Winding through the dense regrowth on the south side of ‘Pump Hill’ trails, it features switchbacks, rollers, log rollovers, dips, pinch climbs and some fast sweeping curves.

This trail is a hidden delight for the XC enthusiast. Starting from the trailhead on the south side of the ‘Pump Hill’ trails, Nearly Gnarly winds its way through dense regrowth that makes for a unique riding experience. The first half of the trail features fast sweeping sections with rollers and logs, punctuated by pinch climbs and switchbacks that make it a true cross-country trail.

After crossing Easy Peasy, the trail becomes more descent-focussed and the regrowth is so dense it almost forms a tunnel overhead. This only adds to its enchantment and riders will feel ‘in the zone’ as they are swept around hidden bends that eventually deliver them to the bottom of Pump Hill Road.

Locals Tip: The second half of the trail, after the intersection with Easy Peasy, contains the least pinch climbs and is faster and more flowy. A fun segment on its own.