Experience the amazing understorey of these forests and learn about the ecology of the two forests. King Karri Walk-through the old growth forest.

Orchid Walk is an easy walk through majestic Karri and Jarrah forest winding through parts of the Greater Dordagup National Park. The loop trail near Quinninup is a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 1hr 15 min to complete and is great for bird watching, and hiking.

Late winter to late spring, July to November is best time to for Orchids. There are more than 350 Orchid species in Western Australia’s South West region.

The diversity on this walk alone is incredible. With a keen eye you may see Spider, Snail, Flying Duck, Hammer, Bird, Pink Fairy, Cowslip, Slipper, Donkey, Sun Orchids and many more.

Also, look out for other wildlife including Carnaby’s black cockatoo, Red-tailed forest cockatoo, the elusive Tammar wallaby and mainland Quokka.

To access’s the walk, enter the walk trail off Karri Lane in the small rural town of Quinninup. Follow the arrows throughout the walk.