The Golden Valley Tree Park is just three kilometres out of Balingup in Western Australia. By taking a stroll along Pear Walk in the World Collection area you are stepping into rural England.

The old farming property has over 250 species of Northern Hemisphere trees. There are even a few sheep for added authenticity.

Pear Walk climbs gently up hill and down dale over rolling pastures. Most people who do a bit of walking would have no problems doing this trail that leads up to Pear Lookout. Pause for a while and enjoy expansive views over the park and beyond. The stroll takes around 30 minutes and along the way you can admire oaks and numerous other Northern Hemisphere trees, part of Western Australia’s largest arboretum. Many trees are labelled to make identification easy.

The park is worth visiting all year round to really appreciate the seasonal variations. In autumn, groves of deciduous foliage turn vibrant orange, yellow and red. Winter is damp and cool and trees bare limbs are etched against grey or vibrantly blue skies. Spring heralds budding flowers, green countryside along with birds and insects. Summer is hot and leafy trees provide shade for walkers.