Pinch Track is a climb trail used to access the trail head at the top of the ‘Main Hill’ in the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park.

Pinch Track terminates on Relentless Blue XC, which traverses the hill towards the main trail head at the summit.

Pinch Track is a climb/access trail which starts close to the Trout Hatchery on the western side of the ‘Main Hill’. It is named after the rocky pinches that you will encounter towards the start of the climb. Once up the pinches, the trail eases into a gentle climb which eventually ends with an option to continue up the hill on Cool Running Uphill or across the fire road to finish the climb on Relentless Blue XC.

Locals Tip: Start your uphill journey on Cool Running Uphill and then cut across at the link to Pinch Track to avoid the pinches.

This is a multi-use trail, MTB riders must give way to other users.