Located in the stunning Walpole Wilderness area, this easy 500 metre stroll takes you through old growth karri forest. Keep an open mind and expect your perception of wilderness to be challenged by the fascinating art works.

One of three sites that make up the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre, Swarbrick is home to some of the state’s oldest karri trees.

Birthplace of the Walpole Wilderness
Swarbrick forest was a focal point for people who campaigned to preserve these forests for future generations. Their efforts culminated in the desire to create the Walpole Wilderness.

Art in the forest
Swarbrick features a selection of art exhibits designed to challenge your perception of wilderness.

The art works range from a sculpture depicting Aboriginal message sticks to a giant suspended ring, the Golden Torus, through which the artist prompts the visitor to explore the interconnectedness of all things.

History on show
A short loop walk takes you past the ‘Wilderness Wall of Perceptions’. This 39 metre long, stainless steel wall features more than 30 forest related quotes from the past 100 years, with dates of political events relating to forest management and wilderness.

Your visit will reinforce, review or even change your perception of the forest and wilderness.

Swarbrick is best visited in conjunction with a visit to Mount Frankland and the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk as these sites collectively form the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre.

From Walpole, travel eight kilometres along North Walpole Road, heading towards Mount Frankland. Travelling time 15 minutes by car from Walpole