Wahoo offers a technical decent from the top of the main hill in the Pemberton MTB Park. Lookout for tight corners, off camber sections, a rock garden and grade reversals which keep riders on their toes.

This trail is fast and technical. Riders will be challenged by tight corners and off camber sections that will put cornering and braking skills to the test. With multiple grade reversals, maintaining momentum is key to finding flow on Wahoo.

Towards the end of the trail, riders will encounter a rock garden feature which can be rolled, dropped or avoided via the ‘B’ line – it is recommended to walk this section to check it out the first time.

The trail concludes at the Trout Hatchery with good access opportunities to return back up the main hill on Cool Runnings Uphill or Pinch Track. Riders looking to venture further can venture over to ‘Pump Hill’ to ride popular trails Drop Bear and Longshanks.

Wahoo is accessed from the trail head at the top of the ‘Main Hill’ behind the Pemberton Pool.