This walk is one of three in the Park and is a relaxed distance that should take around one hour.

It has an even surface and winds through natural bushland of jarrah, marri, sheoak and balga.

Some wildflowers are present throughout the year but Spring is the most impressive time – September through to November – especially the range of orchids that can be seen early in the season.

Wildflower Wander starts just off Barrabup Road, winding through Kondil Park. It joins with the Old Timberline Trail for a short distance before branching off.

There are two other walk trails, the Woody Pear Walk (700m) and the Sheoak Walk (2.5km) which forms an elongated figure of eight. The trails are well marked and meander through native bushland with spectacular wildflower displays, native trees, birds and animal life.

This recreation area has been named Kondil (the Noongar name for Sheoak). Some of these trees were milled in this location during the time that the Barrabup Mill was operational. The mill closed in 1925. Casuarina (a genus of Sheoak) stumps can still be seen as evidence of this era.