Yeagarup Hut is your exclusive gateway to a private 4WD campground located within the breathtaking D’Entrecasteaux National Park, around 45min from Pemberton, 70 min from Nannup, Northcliffe and Manjimup town. Set in the heart of nature, our campsite offers a secluded haven where you and your friends can escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Off-Road Adventures:
Get ready to unleash your adventurous spirit as you navigate sandy tracks and conquer challenging terrains with your 4WD vehicles. Our campground is designed to cater to off-road enthusiasts who seek thrilling escapades and memorable drives through the rugged landscapes.

Group Getaways:
Whether it’s a reunion with friends or a gathering with family, Yeagarup Hut is the ideal destination for group getaways. With facilities for groups of up to 40 people, our space encourages bonding, shared experiences, and the creation of lasting memories.

Nature Immersion:
Embrace the pristine beauty of D’Entrecasteaux National Park, where untouched wilderness surrounds you. Explore offroad trails, witness diverse wildlife, and relish the serenity of coastal fishing opportunities. Reconnect with nature and rediscover the joy of outdoor exploration.

Privacy and Tranquility:
Our focus on privacy ensures that you and your group can enjoy the tranquility of nature without disturbances. With your 4WD vehicles as the key to access, you’ll experience the seclusion that makes Yeagarup Hut a true retreat from the ordinary.

Comfortable Facilities:
While immersing yourself in nature, you can also enjoy the comforts of Yeagarup Hut. Rustic charm meets the necessities as you relax and unwind, with hot shower, toilets and a large communal kitchen area with adequate seating and an open fire pit, providing a cozy space to rest after exciting adventures.

Unforgettable Memories:
Yeagarup Hut is more than just a campground; it’s a place where friendships are strengthened, adventures are pursued, and unforgettable memories are made. Whether you’re navigating the dunes, gathering around the campfire, or exploring the trails, every moment at Yeagarup Hut is an opportunity to create cherished experiences.

In essence, Yeagarup Hut offers a unique blend of off-road exploration, nature immersion, private getaways, and camaraderie, all set against the stunning backdrop of D’Entrecasteaux National Park. It’s an escape from the ordinary, where you can connect with nature, bond with friends, and embark on unforgettable 4WD adventures.