This interesting walk trail introduces you to the many century old buildings in the Pemberton township. The walk trail starts at the Pemberton Visitor Centre.

Pemberton town site was first settled in 1912 after the establishment of the State Saw Mill No. 3, to supply the sleepers for the Trans-Australian Railway Project. The timber industry which grew up provided extensive employment and accommodation for the workers and their families in Pemberton. It was only officially named Pemberton in October 1925, after originally being named Big Brook.

In 1920, in the aftermath of World War One, economic conditions deteriorated in Britain. It was decided to expand the migration policy, sending 75,000 migrants to Western Australia in what became known as the Group Settlement Scheme.

The Bench Seats in the Pemberton town were established to honour the Pemberton Mill Workers and early Settlers. Original seats built by mill carpenters for notable mill workers, more were added for notable Pemberton families. Click on the name listed below for each family to explore their history.

How many benchseats can you locate on your walk around town?

Pemberton Town Walk Brochure

Family Histories;

Bryant Family
Cave Family
Curo Family
Fuge Family
Green Family
Jackson Family
Kelly Family
Knight Family
Lunn Family
Osboine Family
Rosman Family
South Family
Tozer Family
Wellburn Family