Welcome to Pemberton! This idyllic town has everything you could want; wine, mountain biking, hiking spots, fishing hideouts, 4WD tours and plenty of fresh air. No matter what time of year you visit, there’s something here for you. Hike through National Parks and trails, climb the famous giant trees, or delight your senses with locally produced wine and food at any one of Pemberton’s eateries. Climb a 75-metre-tall karri tree or explore on a 4WD tour, giving you the best insights into the quirks and comforts of Pemberton. Whatever it is you’re after, it’s not hard to find in Pemberton.

Steal a moment for yourself by Pemberton Pool or the Big Brook dam and relax amongst the trees in quiet enjoyment. With trails all around Pemberton, you will be immersed in nature immediately, with the sounds of birds and wind through the trees accompanying your hike or ride.

Climbing the Bicentennial and Gloucester Trees are a must-do, at 75 and 58 metres tall, these trees will get your blood pumping. If you prefer to keep your feet flat on the ground, go four-wheel driving to experience the awe-inspiring sight of the Yeagarup Dunes and Beach for an experience that will take you from a tree oasis to sand and surf in one day.

Locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats and gourmet products are available anywhere you go in Pemberton. The freshest food is available at every turn so be sure to stop in at a local café, winery, restaurants or pub to taste the region.

Pemberton is home to many amazing activities, which is why it’s the obvious choice for numerous food events, rally drives, mountain bike races, golf tournaments, trails festivals and much more!

Originally occupied by the Bibbulmun Australian Aborigines, Pemberton was named for being the town of “plenty of water”. Pemberton was chosen as the site for government saw mills in 1913, which supplied half a million railway sleepers for the Trans-Australian Railway and was later gazetted in 1925. By the 1980s, Pemberton was a thriving tourist town for the giant trees, which give visitors a unique opportunity to view the landscape at a staggering height of up to 65 metres. In addition to this, Pemberton is home to a wonderful selection of fishing hotspots.

Pemberton is located roughly 347km south east from Perth City

Margaret River Busselton Airport to Pemberton: 1hr 30min (car) / 3hr 52min (bus)
Bunbury to Pemberton: 1hr 55min (car) / 2hr 41min (bus)
Perth to Pemberton: 3hr 30min (car) / 5hr 35min (bus)
Albany to Pemberton: 2hr 30min (car) / 3hr 20min (bus)