No matter what time of year, Manjimup has the food to feed your soul. With an abundance of fresh food farmers around the town, Manjimup is an easy choice for food-lovers. Black truffle, cherries, stone fruit, maron, trout and avocados are a small sample of the flavours available from paddock to plate.

With over 80% of this town dedicated to forests and national parks, you’re more likely to run into a tree than a person. Discover the natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, tall trees, unique wildflowers and flowing rivers of the region.

Combining museums and recreation, discover the many stories of Manjimup as you explore the 12 hectare Manjimup Heritage Park. Featuring the famous adventure playground, 17-metre-high viewing platform and slide, Power Up Electricity museum, historic hamlet, State Timber museum, natural bushlands, and walk trails – there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. The only question you’ll have is what to do first!

Manjimup plays hosts to an amazing variety of events and festivals. Right throughout the year, some of the best and most loved events are held right here. Truffle Kerfuffle, Cherry Harmony Festival, Jazz in the Jarrah. It’s all happening here in Manjimup.

If it’s made by the hand of a local, you will find it on shelves everywhere. Preserves, oils, salts, wines and beers along with art, ceramics and hand-made wood wares are ripe for the picking.

Birthplace of the Pink Lady apple, Manjimup’s name comes from the Noongar Aboriginal words “Manjin”, (a broad-leafed edible reed) and “up” (meeting place, or place of). Declared a town in 1910, with a railway introduced a year later, Manjimup was chosen for the purpose of boosting rural economy by opening up more land for agriculture. With timber as tall and impressive as the trees that exist in Manjimup, it’s not hard to see how it succeeded as a timber town. Today, Manjimup gives you flashes of its typical timber town ways with the installation of the Timber Museum and re-use of the old railway line.

Manjimup is located roughly 256km south east from Perth City

Margaret River Busselton Airport to Manjimup: 1hr 31min (car) / 3hr 35min (bus)
Bunbury to Manjimup: 1hr 35min (car) / 2hr 18min (bus)
Perth to Manjimup: 3hr 14min (car)/ 5hr 10min (bus)
Albany to Manjimup: 2hr 14min (car) / 4h 18min (bus)