Bridgetown is a hotspot for music, food and wine, shopping, history and natural attractions. As one of the most stunning heritage-listed town in WA, this town has plenty to offer. Visit the Bridgetown Historical Society for the best historical experience of the area. Seasons in this town add to its appeal, an Autumn-lover’s dream, with hues of gold, red, green, and yellow captivating visitors and locals every Autumn and Winter.

Don’t let this town fool you, there’s plenty of adventure to be had. Grab a kayak and get onto the Blackwood River or enjoy the various walking and bridle trails that take you into the heart of nature.

Local artists and designers are inspired by their landscape; producing gifts and wares. Try local, farm fresh produce at the markets, or check out one of the many boutiques and toy stores in town for the full Bridgetown experience.

Try local produce at the Garden Fair in April, listen to local country music at the Bridgetown Blues Festival in November each year, enjoy the winter festivities at Fridgetown, or take your own piece of Bridgetown home with you from the markets.

Bridgetown is an autumn-lover’s dream during Autumn and Winter, and also has amazing wildflower and wildlife trails for all abilities.

Bridgetown was name and gazetted in 1868, over ten years after the town was settled. This historic Southern Forests and Valleys town was almost exclusively used for broadacre agriculture and gold mining. By the 1970s, however, this picturesque town became a sought-after tourist destination thanks to its peaceful, attractive country qualities. Today, Bridgetown is an idyllic location to explore, with the stunning Blackwood River coursing its way through the town and plenty of protected buildings that tell a story of their own.

Bridgetown is located roughly 256km south east from Perth City

Margaret River Busselton Airport to Bridgetown: 1hr 24min (car) / 3hr 2min (bus)
Bunbury to Bridgetown: 1hr 12min (car) / 1hr 17min (bus)
Perth to Bridgetown: 2hr 49min (car)/ 4hr 37min (bus)
Albany to Bridgetown: 2hr 40min (car) / 4hr 47min (bus)