Walpole is a great mix of the amazing experiences and offerings the region has to offer. The Walpole-Nornalup inlet provides you with the quintessential beach experience, while the tall trees of the region offer you the outback Australian feel. This welcoming town will show you how to make the best of your time, with friendly locals at every shop and stop. When you’re staying in Walpole, you know you’re going to have a great, relaxing time.

With open space everywhere around you in Walpole, it’s hard to pin down the best location for nature-lovers. The Giants Tree Top Walk is where beauty goes to really show off, biodiversity is at its finest at the Giant Tingle tree and the Frankland River Circular Pool is stunning anytime of year.

Experiences in Walpole couldn’t be better. With over 3500 square kilometres of wilderness, seven National Parks, wild rivers, ancient mounts and remote beaches, you will be spoiled for choice.

Dotted along the roads of Walpole is where you will find food and wine temptations. The humble Australian meat pie is reimagined, cheeses expose their local flavours and restaurants rely on local farm-fresh produce to give you the real experience of Walpole.

Getting back to the basics is one of the best ways to take a holiday. Walpole has some of the best places to stay, camp and get away from it all. Whether you prefer to build your own home for the night or stay somewhere a little fancy, you’re going guaranteed a great view and plenty of stars.

Discovered in 1831 by Captain Thomas Bannister, Walpole was given it’s name for the inlet it is located near. Walpole’s idyllic natural surroundings were protected, ensuring the biodiversity of the region was preserved by earmarking it as National Park land. Gazetted in 1933, there was belief that another town called Walpole also existed in Tasmania, which caused confusion. The town same was therefore changed to Nornalup, however it was reverted back to the original name in 1934 when word from the Post Office confirmed no town was named Walpole in Tasmania. Today, Walpole is a great access point to the Bibbulmun Track and shows of a vast number of tingle and karri trees of old growth forest.

Walpole is located roughly 347km south east from Perth City

Margaret River Busselton Airport to Walpole: 2hr 52min (car) / 6hr 10min (bus)
Bunbury to Walpole: 2hr 54min (car) / 4hr 27min (bus)
Perth to Walpole: 4hr 33min (car) / 8hr 32min (bus)
Albany to Walpole: 1hr 24min (car) / 1hr 43min (bus)