Northcliffe is flooded with amazing experiences. This quiet town is surrounded by State Forests, National Parks and agricultural land used for dairy farming, blue gums, avocados, olives, wine grapes, beef cattle, blueberries, green tea, black and white truffle farming and more. Take in a view of vast coastal plains populated by granite expanses and islands of vegetation. Peer down from spectacular limestone cliffs and be surrounded by a sea of colour as the wildflowers come out over Spring and Summer.

The National Parks around Northcliffe feature fantastic wilderness and biodiversity and offer something for everyone. Explore the Boorara Tree and Lane Poole Falls, Point D’Entrecasteaux, Salmon Beach, Mount Chudalup and the Shannon National Park to get the best from your stay

Travel on your mountain bike along the Munda Biddi Trail, or head to the coast and go whale watching, 4 wheel driving, swimming or cast a line into the spectacular Southern Ocean.

With an arts trail, Understory, it’s not hard to see why Northcliffe is the “creative town”. Artists in the town are inspired by the diverse beauty of the ancient forests that surround us, shaping their work into nature for you to enjoy.

Adventure seekers are drawn to Northcliffe as the town hosts thousands of competitors each year for major long-distance cross-divisional sport events. From mountain biking to running, Northcliffe has seen them all!

Gazetted in 1924, Northcliffe is one of the youngest towns in the Southern Forests and Valleys region. Northcliffe was named after Lord Northcliffe – a prominent English figure and owner of The Times and the Daily Mail in London – who promoted the Group Settlement Scheme, which promised land to British settlers interested in emigrating to Western Australia. Northcliffe was one of the towns specifically selected for settlement under this scheme. Northcliffe remains the location with exhaustive access to stunning national parks, beaches and sites of importance to Aboriginal people.

Northcliffe is located roughly 347km south east from Perth City

Margaret River Busselton Airport to Northcliffe: 1hr 51min (car) / 4hr 49min (bus)
Bunbury to Northcliffe: 2hr 14min (car) / 3hr 6min (bus)
Perth to Northcliffe: 3hr 51min (car) / 6hr (bus)
Albany to Northcliffe: 2hr 30min (car) / 2hr 55min (bus)