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    Launch your canoe or kayak here for a leisurely paddle on the Warren River.


    Maidan Bush Trail, Yeagarup WA 6260
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    Test your nerve and climb 65m up this enormous karri tree and into the forest canopy.

    Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

    Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree, Yeagarup WA
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    Experience a night in the karri forest at Drafty’s Camp. Two camping loops with shady campsites are scattered along the Warren River under the karri and marri trees.

    Draftys Campground

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    The roaring rapids of the Heartbreak Crossing make an excellent backdrop for your picnic.

    Heartbreak Crossing

    Heartbreak Trail, Heart Break Trail, Yeagarup WA 6260
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    The Karri Forest Explorer Drive winds through some of the south-west’s most magnificent karri forest.

    Karri Forest Explorer

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    A pretty stop for a picnic. You can also launch a canoe, go for a walk along the river or just sit and watch the river flow by..

    Maiden Bush

    Heartbreak Trail, Heart Break Trail, Yeagarup WA 6260
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    This huge misshapen karri tree is named after the English artist who painted it in 1880. Her painting hangs in the Marianne North Gallery at the Kew Botanic Gardens in London.

    Marianne North Tree

    Old Vasse Road, Yeagarup WA 6260
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    Pemberton Discovery Tours; an iconic tour for a iconic town.

    Pemberton Discovery Tours

    Pemberton WA
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    Warren campground has six secluded campsites tucked away in the forest.

    Warren Campground

    Warren Campground, Heart Break Trail, Yeagarup WA
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    This lookout provides sweeping views down the steep valley to the Warren River below.

    Warren Lookout

    Warren River Lookout, Maiden Bush Trail, Yeagarup WA
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