The Pemberton Forest Park is a magnificent small reserve of mature Karri forest which forms a striking backdrop to the town of Pemberton.

The Pemberton Pool is a special picnic spot along the Lefroy Brook. The water of the brook naturally pools here and improvements and facilities have been added. Now there are areas sections for children to play in and adults to jump of a pontoon. There are picnic tables under tall Karri trees. During summer this is a popular spot for locals and visitors.

The Pemberton Swimming Pool is only 1.2 km for the township of Pemberton. It is also the start for several bush walks through Pemberton Forest Park. Explore the Hatchery Trail, Trevor’s trail, Karri Heights, Whistler Walk and Lefroy trails.

The Pemberton Pool is also strategically located amongst mountain bike trails which also meander through the wonderful Pemberton Forest Park. Enjoy a dip in the cool water after some hard peddling along the Relentless Blue or Skills circuit.

The Rainbow Trails is a 7km track connecting the Big Brook Dam to the township of Pemberton along disused railway lines. This is a picturesque trail passing through Karri forest as well as farming land.

The trail starts near the Pemberton Hatchery where you can park the car. The Lefroy Brook flows along part of the trail, which is used as the water supply for Pemberton.

The trail leads to the Big Brook Dam, which is a tranquil spot for birdwatching, picnicking or swimming on a hot day. The Rainbow trail also forms part of the Bibbulmun Track from Pemberton to Beedelup.

The Pemberton Forest Park is a magnificent small reserve of mature Karri forest which forms a striking backdrop to the town of Pemberton.

Explore the Karri trees many 300 years(or more) within this reserve. Karri is a very competitive tree, and it is a case of survival of the fittest from the time the seeds germinate. For example, in an area the size of a football oval, 125,000 Karri seeds can germinate. Twenty years later, only about 1000 of these have survived and after 400 years, only 20 mature trees may remain. The struggle for water, sunlight, growing space and food from the soil is intense.

The Lefroy Brook meanders through the Park and in winter one can listen to the flow of the stream. There is and abundance of bird life in this forest such as the Spotted Pardalote. Bring your binoculars and see what you can find.

This walk leaves from the far side of the Pemberton Swimming Pool and follows close to the Lefroy Brook which feeds the swimming pool, before passing close to several huge Karri trees, and arriving finally at the Pemberton Hatchery.
This trail is also called the Switchback trails and is used my mountain biker to access the incredible tracks in Forest Park.

Along this trail you can see giant Karri trees on one side and look across farming paddocks on the other. Between June and August the fungi is in full bloom. See how many types you can spot along the way. Karri Heights will also bring you to the trout hatchery from where you follow the Hatchery Trail back to the pool.

This walk starts on the fare side of the pool at a huge old Karri stump. This was once a 300 – 400 year old tree that hung threateningly over the swimming pool and had become a danger to swimmers.

To remove the tree required exceptional felling skills and considerable courage. Trevor Cederman felled the tree so as to miss the pool and avoid considerable damage. Tragically, Trevor was killed by a falling tree while working in the bush in 1995. This trail is dedicated to him. A plaque on site tells you more about Trevor and the felling of this tree.

From Pump Hill Road follow the markers up the hill through thick Karri forest. Head downhill towards Lefroy Brook and stop at the bird hide. Here you will find information about the birds of the Karri Forest. Sit for a while and enjoy the splendid views of Pemberton.

This trail starts from the same point as the Whistler Walk, but veers downhill towards Lefroy Brook. After a steep climb, you will come to the bird hide. From there, continue to follow the boundary of Forest Park back to Pump Hill Road.